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Community Services Insurance Program – through our program administrator, Non-Profit Insurance Services (NPIS) – has won Wholesale Brokerage Team of the Year. The award was given by Business Insurance Magazine at the 2021 US Insurance Awards on September 30.

Five years ago, NPIS set out to develop an insurance solution that would meet the long-term needs of nonprofits and social service organizations in an increasingly uneasy landscape. Risks continued to grow, premiums skyrocketed, and many organizations were forced to reallocate priceless operational funds to increasingly expensive insurance offerings and away from the communities they serve. Considering all that, NPIS’ goal was to create a viable alternative that could protect all nonprofit and social services organizations, regardless of funding, size, or scope of services. That’s when Community Services Insurance Program (CSIP) was born.

Meet CSIP: An Affordable Insurance Solution for Non-Profits

CSIP was successfully brought to market in late 2020 and the impact is already being felt by nonprofits. While other carriers and programs in the nonprofit and social service space have exited or greatly increased rates and/or reduced terms, the CSIP program is already resolving claims quickly and effectively. Efforts are saving clients an average of 10 to 20% on annual premiums by leveraging a multi-line approach. Those types of savings make a significant difference in a non-profit’s ability to operate. 

With CSIP, we want to do more than just help nonprofits. CSIP puts the needs of nonprofits first and considers the unique scenarios that nonprofits face, in order to better protect them financially, while empowering them to more impactfully execute on their community-serving missions. Our innovative program incorporates intimate knowledge of the unique scenarios that nonprofits face and takes a holistic approach, including risk management and claims support, to help alleviate financial strain.

“One of the reasons for our success is our team has a can-do attitude,” said Justin Wiley, VP. “We want to make it work and if we have to get creative to make it work, we will find a way.”

The CSIP program has also reshaped the potential for NPIS as an organization. NPIS was already one of the largest providers of insurance services to non-profits in the Southeast. NPIS has already begun successfully onboarding new members with the goal of helping more than 100 nonprofits by year’s end. The CSIP program has allowed NPIS to broaden our scope. With the added geographical footprint that it provides, our company now aspires to become a national provider that serves nonprofits and social service agencies across the entire country.

One Bundle for Optimal Savings & Convenience

Doing good for the local community is your mission. Providing superior insurance coverage at an affordable rate is ours. At CSIP, we tailor insurance solutions that best fit your organization’s needs. We build comprehensive packages that can include:

  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Commercial Auto Liability
  • Excess Liability
  • General & Professional Liability

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