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Nonprofit General Liability Insurance

Coverage That Counts

Peace of mind, at last.

CSIP offers comprehensive General Liability insurance for non profits like you. No matter how big or small the claim, we’ve got covered.


Special Events Coverage

Adopt a reliable insurance solution for your organization’s special events, charity fundraisers, and large-scale gatherings.

Employee Benefits Liability

Protect your organization’s administrative efforts with a full employee benefits liability (EBL) policy in the event of clerical errors. 

Liquor Liability for Fundraising Events

Get coverage for costs associated with injury and property damage caused by a person under the influence of alcohol at organization events.

Sexual Abuse & Physical Abuse

Receive a policy for sexual or physical abuse cases that occurred at events, gatherings, or other situations associated with your organization.

What’s Included with CSIP’s Nonprofit Liability Insurance?

Unfortunately, accidents do happen.

But, even in the face of disaster, you still need to run your nonprofit smoothly. This is where nonprofit liability insurance comes into play.

 1. Lawsuits & Legal Concerns- Lawsuits related to property damage and bodily injury can be very costly for your nonprofit organization.  That’s why having the proper insurance is incredibly important to keep your organization alive and well.

2. Protect Your Staff – When an employee gets hurt on-site or at a charitable event, it’s important to make sure their medical costs are covered to keep your employees and your organization healthy.

3. Cover Third-Party Property Damage – Liability insurance can help protect you from any unforeseen damages caused to the property of others. This is especially important if you commonly hold fundraising or community events.

4. Peace of Mind – Preparing for the worst means peace of mind when it comes to your organization. If an unforeseen circumstance arises you can rest assured that certain expenses will be covered. 


What’s Included With CSIP’s Nonprofit Liability Insurance

The following are options for general liability plans through CSIP:

$1M / $3M Limits Standard

Liquor Liability for Fundraising Events – Broad

Additional Insured

  • Medical Payments – $20,000       
  • Damage to Premises Rented – $1,000,000
  • Crisis Response – $100,000
Athletic Activities – Defense outside the Limit for General Liability – Separate, Dedicated Abuse Limits – Abuse & Molestation for Employee / Client / 3rd Party
  • HIPAA – $100,000
  • Emergency Evacuation Expense – $25,000
  • Disciplinary Proceedings Supplementary Payments – $10,000 

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Protect Your Organization

Why is General Liability insurance for non profits so important? One word: Protection. 

When you are covered by CSIP, you will have a whole team of professionals on your side to help you protect your non profit.

The moment a liability claim is made against your organization, we are right there to settle the case.

See the Savings

On average, our clients save 15% on annual premiums when they switch to CSIP.

Plus, you can save even more by bunding your General Liability plan with our other coverages, such as:






Workers' Compensation

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Top Social Services We Cover

Community Action Agencies
community action
Homeless Shelters

homeless shelters
Home Health


home health
Educational Institutions

educational institutions
Goodwill Industries

Goodwill industries

How Will You Benefit?

Accidents happen, even at charity events.

Our job is to help your organization run smoothly, even in the face of an emergency. 

Not only will your organization gain protection from general liability insurance, but your customers and employees will reap the benefits of your policy as well.

For example, if your organization is responsible for personal injury or damages to a third-party, you can feel rest assured that your CSIP policy will cover the costs.

How Much Does It Cost?

Depending on the risks associated with your nonprofit organization, you may pay more or less than the average for general liability insurance. 

Factors that may affect the price of coverage include:


Services offered by your nonprofit


Types of events you host


Equipment and property in use




Number of staff


Athletic activities

For instance, if your organization involves high-risk activities, such as rescuing and handling injured wildlife, then you can expect to pay more for your policy. Furthermore, if you retain a large number of staff, then coverage cost may be higher.

It’s Time to Protect Your Nonprofit

Your coverage should match your organization’s specific needs. That’s why we never take a “one size fits all” approach to insurance.

Give us a call or fill out the form below for your personalized quote and see how much you can save!

Nonprofit General Liability Insurance

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